Friend of Medicine


"You guys are awesome. You always listen to our needs and you find solutions."

Director of Operations


Friend of Medicine

We are a Friend of Medicine.  From the beginning, we envisioned a clearinghouse that would serve the healthcare provider in every respect, not only with superior technology, but with a superior business philosophy. That meant creating a revenue acceleration service drastically different than any other.  That meant raising the bar for what providers should expect from a clearinghouse.

All other clearinghouses closely align themselves with payers or claim aggregators in order to receive payment for the claims they transmit.  This practice makes it impossible for a clearinghouse to act in the best interest of the provider.  Rejecting this business model has allowed TKSoftware to be true advocates for the healthcare provider.  

Providing healthcare services is a business after all. To make your practice successful as a provider of healthcare services it has to be successful as a business. To be successful as a business you need to choose partners with the right philosophy, the right tools, and with the passion to deliver the results you need.

We are a Friend of Medicine. We work for healthcare.


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