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We’re a talented group of healthcare technology professionals focusing our energies on shortening the revenue cycle. We provide smart solutions for providers of all sizes and pride ourselves on our unparalleled, expert service. At TKSoftware, we believe that next to your staff your clearinghouse has the greatest impact on accelerating revenue. Contact us today to set up a meeting with one of our sales representatives.

We are a Friend of Medicine.  From the beginning, we envisioned a clearinghouse that would serve the healthcare provider in every respect, not only with superior technology, but with a superior business philosophy. That meant creating a revenue acceleration service drastically different than any other.  That meant raising the bar for what providers should expect from a clearinghouse.

All other clearinghouses closely align themselves with payers or claim aggregators in order to receive payment for the claims they transmit.  This practice makes it impossible for a clearinghouse to act in the best interest of the provider.  Rejecting this business model has allowed TKSoftware to be true advocates for the healthcare provider.

Providing healthcare services is a business after all. To make your practice successful as a provider of healthcare services it has to be successful as a business. To be successful as a business you need to choose partners with the right philosophy, the right tools, and with the passion to deliver the results you need.

We are a Friend of Medicine. We work for healthcare.


Revenue Acceleration - Pure and Simple

TKSoftware is an Advanced Medical Claims Clearinghouse providing smart solutions to the healthcare revenue cycle.

We provide easy-to-use online tools that help you track claims and payments, check insured eligibility, manage claim rejections and much more.

Our Revenue Acceleration Services produce the positive results that are critical to a successful practice.


Identify and work denials quickly and easily

​Working each and every denial is a critical component of healthy AR. Identifying denials quickly and deciding a course of action quickly is the key, and for this you need actionable information.  We’ve created a daily report that allows management, at a glance, to assess the overall denial landscape. The report summarizes total denials as well as lists denial details by payer.  It is on-line, it is interactive, and allows the AR team to link directly to the claims and remits in question. We match every remit to the original claim and when a denial is present you’ll be the first to know.


Time is of the Essence

​When the payer rejects a claim you need to know now and you need to know why. We’ve created a daily report that allows management, at a glance, to assess the overall rejection landscape.

The report summarizes total rejections as well as lists rejections by payer.  It is online, it is interactive, and allows your staff to link directly to the claims in question. When a rejection is present you’ll be the first to know.


It all starts with the basics.

Claim Filing

​We file your claims directly with every payer or their designated clearinghouse. We always take the most direct route possible ensuring that your claims are received by the payers fast.

Electronic Remmitance Advice

​Posting payments has never been easier. As with your claims, we make the most direct connection possible with every payer providing Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA). We match each remit with the original routed claim for quick viewing in our system. The ERA files are easy to retrieve via the web or secure FTP. You will always have access to a history of your ERA files through our online ERA archive, and our intuitive ERA file naming will let you identify the payer name, check/EFT number, date and amount at a glance.


V​erifying insured eligibility is quick and easy with our real-time eligibility tool. Just plug in the patient's information and verify eligibility instantly with commercial and government payers.

Active Email Alerts

​Our Active Alert system automatically notifies you via email the disposition of your claim files as well as individual claims as they move through the revenue cycle.

Reports and Analytics

​We don't simply report to you the payer rejections. We create intuitive reports that allow you to identify trends as well as individual problems, and help reduce the number of rejected claims. In addition we notify you daily with active alert the total number of rejected claims, the total dollar value, and sort it all by payer name. Staying on top of rejected claims has never been easier.

Claim Scrubbing

​From time to time claims need to be scrubbed to meet special payer requirements or to make up for limitations in your billing system.  Either way we've got you covered.


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